The Office of the Family Ministry

The pastoral care of the regularly established family signifies, in practice, the commitment of all the members of the local ecclesial community to helping the couple to discover and live their new vocation and mission. In order that the family may be ever more a true community of love, it is necessary that all its members should be helped and trained in their responsibilities as they face the new problems that arise, in mutual service, and in active sharing in family life." (Familiaris Consortio)

Mission (Educational)

To make families aware of their role to become a leaven in society, aware what the church teaching calls them to be. Providing a spirituality of the family, family catechesis especially the centrality of spousal love and parental love in the divine plan. To become Pro-Life and promote openness to life.

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Development of healthy family life (Preventive)

Equip them with skills to sustain their family life and prevent breakdown. Good preparation for Baptism, Marriage (Remote & immediate), Marriage enrichment and parenting programs, Young Marriage Follow-up program, build violence free families etc.

Reaching out to families in distress (Therapeutic)

Reach out to hurting marriages & families and provide help and healing through counselling centre’s, helplines, Alcoholic Family support group (AA), etc. Counsel and support families in crisis, like those in troubled mixed marriages, separated, divorced, young widows and widowers, migrant families, single parent families etc.

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AVOSA Family Ministry Teams